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Photo by Nigel Elcoat

Tony Rotherham is an actor, fight choreographer and Robin Hood.
He has been doing this work for many years ever since he left university with an Ma Ba PhD in History, Drama
and Art. He then went to Holland where he trained at the Andrew Van Der Hauser Academy of Sword
and learned a very high degree of combat, not eastern martial arts but western sword, axe, polearm etc.
So it would be western martial arts. He worked in film and television as a fight choreographer
and actor for many years and has met some very interesting people.

Tony has been studying the history of Robin Hood ever since he was 18 years old,
not just the ballads but the history behind the ballads, and has been doing lectures on
the subject for over 20 years to much acclaim.

Along with this he has set up several very successful and award winning historical re-creation societies.